About us

The idea of ​​the company IMRO arose out of the vision of a family-friendly company of a manageable size. In 2012, the first step was taken, followed by many more. 

Meanwhile, the company IMRO GmbH is a well-known and internationally operating supplier in the field of pipeline and plant construction and follows the goal of sustainable "quality instead of quantity".

We trust in qualified and reliable employees who act in the company's interest. We deliver best quality to our customers while meeting all safety and health requirements and protecting the physical well-being of our staff.

Safety, environmental protection, quality, customer satisfaction and sustainability are not empty words for us but are deeply rooted in our company philosophy and are respected in our everyday work.

Full of ideas
The hardest thing about ideaa is not to have one
but to know if it's a good one.

Highly engaged staff members follow the same goal.
Being successful by producing efficient work.
Organisations comes when the work is well organised.
IMRO Über Uns